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Boracay’s beauty rest is finally over.  

After being closed for 6 months, the world-famous Boracay Island is now open to the public and will operate under a new set of rules. President Rodrigo Duterte created the Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force (BIATF), an agency that will ensure that the rules and regulations are strictly implemented.

In case you’re planning to visit Boracay anytime soon, here are the things you need to know about the island’s reopening:

  • Limited number of tourists

BIATF will be limiting the number of people entering the island daily. Based on a study commissioned by Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) there should only be 19,215 tourists at a time, with daily arrivals limited to only 6,405 tourists. One of the plans to effectively limit the guests is to reduce the number of flights to Boracay daily.

  • Only visitors with confirmed hotel booking can enter the island

If you’re planning to go on a spontaneous trip to Boracay, you might want book your accommodations asap. Only visitors with confirmed hotel booking from an accredited hotel/resort can enter the island. There are verification booths at the Caticlan Airport so make sure that you book early, friends! As of October 25, 157 establishments are accredited by the BIATF to start its operations. Click here for the complete list.

  • No water activities

Planning to visit Boracay to try diving and other water activities? Sorry to break the news, friends, but these activities are still suspended in the island. Don’t worry, there are other activities to check out. One of the accredited resorts in the island, The Lind Boracay, is offering other interesting activities for the visitors. For instance, this long weekend, they will have a halloween activity Mystery in the Forest (November 2), The Lind Market (November 3), and many more.

  • No more beach parties

Aside from water activities, we also have to say goodbye to La Boracay and other beach parties. This rule also means that smoking and drinking in public is not allowed. Partying will still be allowed, but only within establishments. There are reports that the BIATF is also eyeing to impose a curfew.

Watch our video here:

[With reports from MANILA BULLETIN; Header image by Marella Gaspar/MANILA BULLETIN]


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