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Another long weekend has come upon us. While some are busy trying to beat the Undas rush, others are simply anticipating the opportunity to unwind. After all, this time to rest is long overdue. We’ve been hustling non-stop since the day adulting got real.

While it’s tempting to stay in bed, cuddled up in soft pillows and your fluffy blanket, here’s what you can do to maximize the long weekend.


Whether it’s sheet-masking or massaging your face with your favorite serum, you’ve got all the time to be extra with your skincare routine. Go ahead and exfoliate to remove impurities from your skin. Let that eye patch sit on your undereye longer for that much-needed TLC.

Clean up

By now, that messy pile in your room is nearing catastrophic explosion. Before your mom smacks you right in the butt, start sorting through your stuff such as books, clothes, makeup, and trinkets. Keep what you still need. Throw out what’s not useful anymore.


You bought that Netflix or iFlix subscription for a reason and it’s to binge-watch. That’s way better than if you do it with food, you know? And since everyone’s been talking about The Haunting of Hill House, why don’t you give yourself a little scare in this spooky season? The timing couldn’t be any more perfect.


This is probably such a Tita thing to do, but cooking is one of the best skills to learn apart from prolonging the last bit of your salary ’til the next payday. Grab this opportunity to cook for your family, and make some of the cupcakes you’ve been seeing (and craving) online with and for your friends.


We know it’s tempting to get all the sleep we’ve been deprived of the whole year, but even a walk in a nearby park or mall is already a good way to get your body moving. Do some stretching, or walk up and down the stairs instead of asking your younger sibling to get that bag of chips in the kitchen for you.

Illustration by Madel Crudo


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