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For the past decade, K-pop has blown up not just in Asia, but worldwide. And it’s only getting better. This year is particularly a fruitful year for the music genre as it bore witness to the release of top-notch singles that we never thought possible. Here are some of K-pop’s most popping collaborations as of late.

Dua Lipa x BlackPink in “Kiss and Make Up”

There’s only one word to describe Dua Lipa and girl group BlackPink’s union in “Kiss and Make Up”: lit.  It’s a collaboration that we never saw coming, but it makes absolute sense. A queen of many talents only work with her own kind and vice versa. This bilingual banger was written years ago, according to Lipa. “I wanted to do a collaboration with someone. I just didn’t find the home for it,” she told Billboard. Guess she found the right girls to slay the song with. 

Wendy’s Red Velvet x John Legend in “Written In The Stars”

Combine Red Velvet’s Wendy and Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter John Legend in one song and you’ll get the sweetest-sounding song ever. “Written In The Stars” is an emotional duet about soulmates who will eventually meet no matter where they choose to go. It is the latest release from SM Entertainment’s (Wendy’s management company) special project called STATION X 0.

BTS x Steve Aoki in “Waste It On Me”

Global K-Pop boy group BTS remains unstoppable with their latest single, “Waste It On Me.” They’re working yet again with Steve Aoki, an American electro house musician, for their first all-English track. It immediately topped global music charts upon release and it’s obvious why. Apart from a die-hard, supportive fan base, the song itself is dope, mixing Aoki’s signature big-drop electronic music and the boy group’s why-not-me come ons.

Zico x IU in “Soulmate”

Zico and IU is a duo straight from our dreams. Just like soulmates, their song sounds like they were always meant to collaborate. This mellow yet upbeat, jazz-influenced track talks about two people mean for each other yet they “could meet or never get to met in their lifetime.” Zico doesn’t just show off his vocal abilities, he also made sure to deliver rap spit he’s widely known for. IU, on the other hand, is her usual self—excellent as a songstress and unique as an artist.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi, GFriend’s SinB, (G)I-dle’s Soyeon & Chung Ha in “Wow Thing”

By now, everyone knows that an all-girl gang is guaranteed to slay and SM Entertainment put together this generation’s most talented female idols to show off that “Wow Thing.”  Featuring Red Velvet’s Seulgi, GFriend’s SinB, (G)I-dle’s Soyeon & soloist Chung Ha, the bright, R&B-influenced pop song emphasizes self-love and confidence. Only a leader, a center, a lead dancer and a powerful soloist can make you feel that way so you know this foursome is perfect.


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