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All Souls’ Day is fast approaching. It’s time to go on that yearly visit at the cemetery again with your family. It will be another long day of catching up, honoring deceased loved ones, and of course, eating. Here’s what you should pack to be prepared for the day, like any girl or boy scout would.

Portable fan

This handy machine beats the scorching hot weather of the Philippines. While the breeze might be cooler because of Amihan or spirits lingering around you, the thick crowd at the cemetery can make you feel like the summer never left. This is portable and light unlike a stand fan, so you can take it while walking in and out of the burial ground of your choice.

Food and drink containers

Tons of trash greet collectors after the All Souls’ Day high has gone down. This has been a yearly problem and the solution is easy and doable. Use spill-proof food and drink containers instead of wrapping them all up in foil and plastic. It’s better to prepare your food at home, too, to avoid all the food package that comes from takeaways. This is a bit of extra work, but keeping the dead’s resting place clean should be a no brainer.    

Insect-repellent lamps

While there are claims that bug-repelling lights do not work, there’s a good chance that it’s a safer option compared to those that use DEET or diethyltoluamide. It’s often found in insect-repelling ointments and lotions. Cases of blood intoxication, slurred speech, seizures, and comatose have come up due to excessive use of the chemical. This insect-repellent, however, attracts mosquitoes and emit electrically charge to quickly eradicate them. It’s non-toxic and prevents any chance for dengue to hit you or your family.  

Flameless candles

Tired of candles dying out just moments after lighting it up? Go for flameless candles, instead. It can stay lit the whole day, as it uses LED lights. It also has a flicker effect to simulate the calming glow of an open flame. The biggest perk, you ask? You won’t have to go through the hassle to clean up melted wax. That’s less effort and less waste on your part. You can use it the following years, too. 


Weather changes unexpectedly. It can be sunny in the morning and rainy in the evening. Umbrellas become useful at this time, especially outdoors, so don’t forget to bring at least one when you go to the cemetery. Choose the largest and sturdiest umbrella you can find to keep the whole family sheltered from the heat or wet.

Images by Madel Crudo


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