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Less than 100 days na lang pasko na, bes. Christmas Stocking Stuffers are weekly gift ideas from our team to you. G na mumsh.


You are a Badass by Jen Sincero (P455)

If ang hanap mo this 2019 is to set your priorities straight or to get your life back on track, you might as well have this self-guide book by your side. Filled with inspiring stories and sage advice, this book will be your BFF as you figure out your goals and learn from your fears and limitations kasi nga, mga mumsh, we can’t perfect everything at the first try.


Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water (P249)

Micellar water is the real queen in skincare. This no-wash cleanser is powered by tiny micelles or oil molecules that help lift dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin like a magnet. It also tones the skin, prepping it for additional skincare. It’s alcohol-free, too, so your skin wouldn’t feel stripped of moisture. This is quite a life-changing discovery for me and my skin, so I hope it does wonders to yours, too.


Aquaman Funko Pop! (P595)

I think most people are getting hyped with the Aquaman movie release this December. To go with the flow of time, a Funko Pop! of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is a gift I want to give/receive. You can bring the wrath of the seven seas along with this cute but also feisty little figure. There are also different varieties for Pop! figures so you won’t run out of ideas.


Paint by Numbers Kit (P800 – P1,200)

With the busy life that we all have today, having an outlet to release toxicity is a big help to keep us sane. That’s why Paint by Numbers kit is a great gift idea for everyone, no age limit. Art is a good avenue to keep our minds away from our usual routines, while fulfilling colours to the whole canvas. Once done, they can even hang their own artworks at home.


Twisted Travels: Rambles in Central Europe by Jessica Zafra (P250)

This won’t be your run-of-the-mill travel book. Jessica Zafra, famous for her biting wit, is coming out with Twisted Travels: Rambles in Central Europe this October. This collection of essays deals with a favored topic Zafra’s: herself, except in Europe. If you’re a fan of her brand of observational humor and writing style, you’d be wise to add this volume to the bookshelves.

Illustrations by Madel Crudo


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