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Powerful, seductive and mysterious. Scorpios will have its own season from October 23 to November 21. It has Pluto as its ruling planet, which means power, darkness from the underworld and regeneration will come into play.

Your secret’s out, beshie!

Scorpios are great investigators and stalkers. They can pierce you with their gaze and all your secrets will come oozing out. They live to know your secrets, but they will bring their own secrets to the grave. Kaya ilabas mo na lang yan, beshie!

Rejoice, dear astrological signs!

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Things are looking great for you, friends. Being part of the Water sign family, the flow of this course is in your favor. Inspiration, fun, and creativity will boost Cancer’s confidence throughout this season. As for Scorpio, all the emotions and pain of closures will all be in the past. This is the time for you to receive all your luck and blessings. Plus, as Jupiter exits on November 8, he will give you a gift you can never resist. So, start celebrating by saying your gratitude prayers everyday. To the ever beautiful Pisces, you’ve been calm and level-headed throughout the storm, and you made it. Now that you have evolved and learned a lot from your experience, there will be no rough waters for you ahead. So, it’s time to start something new, learn new things or go on an adventure. This season will be full of fun for you, mumsh!

Fellow fixed signs, it’s time to fix your act

Members of the fixed signs—technically the stabilizers in all seasons—Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo will have to proceed with caution. Taurus, you will have to get your act together and be more responsible. You need to discipline yourself, besh! Aquarius, didn’t you know that too much altruism is bad for you? You need to take care of yourself now, before you can start taking care of others. Leo, be humble and put your ego down. Micromanaging is not the best for you; trust the team you have. Allow things to be finished even if not perfect. Just step back a little and enjoy some time at home with family. Hindi pa katapusan ng mundo mga beshie!

Illustration by Madel Crudo


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