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Less than 100 days na lang pasko na, bes. Christmas Stocking Stuffers are weekly gift ideas from our team to you. G na mumsh.


Romoss LT20 20000 mAh Powerbank (P969)

Let’s be real, friends, social media is life. That’s why you always need to bring a powerbank with you in case na ma-lowbatt ang smartphone mo. Buy the one with higher mAH (milli-Ampere-hours) so you can charge up to 3 or 4 times.


The Next Person You Meet In Heaven (P719)

From The Time Keeper to Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom’s stories about life, love, and faith always captivates me. After 15 long years, it would be great to have a copy of his new book The Next Person You Meet in Heaven and even share it with another person who has the same interest in books as me.


SMYTH Track Jacket (P999.75)

I’m a fan of long-sleeved shirts and jackets kahit na mainit dito sa Pinas. So I got hooked on SMYTH track jackets. You can match this with your favorite statement shirt or kahit plain white tee, oks na.


In-Ear Headphones (P699)

This is a perfect gift for your commuting friends. I personally recommend this for the quality and its price. Also, you’d be deemed as a lifesaver if ever your friend forgot his/her earphones.


Kalikhasan Eco-Friendly Solutions Wheat Straw Spoon, Fork, and Chopsticks (P170)

Owning a set of reusable utensils provides a sense of responsibility. It also feels more personal and most importantly, it’s environment-friendly for it helps reduce plastic waste.

Photos by Madel Crudo


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