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At the recent launch of McDonald’s NXTGEN, we saw what could be the norm for fast food chains in the near future. Its exterior pays homage to the first ever store back in 1955, while its sleek, minimalist interior gives it a youthful vibe. Bes, may USB ports at outlets dito para makapag-charge ng phone at laptop. Buhay na tayo. But perhaps its standout feature are the self-ordering kiosks. You can just click the items you want to order and pay with your PayMaya card.

TBH, we’re living for this glow up, but it also got us thinking how easier life would be if we automated other things, too. Here are our ideas:

Commuter fare

While movements to go cashless are rising, cash transaction is still king in the country. Trains, e-tricycles, e-jeepneys, and P2P buses in parts of the country make use of reloadable smart cards for collecting the fare. Why don’t we try doing it in other forms of public transport, too? Hindi na magugulangan ever si manong driver at konduktor, wala pang hassle sa pag-open ng wallet.

Application and processing of official documents

Getting all the valid IDs is like an adulting rite of passage. You have to get all of it: SSS number, BIR Tax Identification Number, and even Pag-Ibig (‘yung sa pabahay, bes, hindi ’yung kay crush). We understand that these documents are important but, sis, those long lines where you melt in sweat and your legs hurt is just pure punishment. Ang challenging na nga maging adult, pahirap pa ’yung sistema.

Milk Tea

Not even Kuya Wil can match milk tea’s ability to give us the will 2 lib on a hectic week. Sa totoo lang, this addictive drink is the best stress-reliever and treat for our tired self. If Google was successful in activating the coffee machine with just a voice command, we’re sure hoping that milk tea has a chance, too.

Medical supplies

Whether it’s a band-aid or a small bottle of povidone-iodine (’yung brown liquid na mala-White Flower ’yung versatility), having medical supplies readily available can help in emergency situations. Apart from soda and snacks, a vending machine filled with first aid items can come in handy when there are accidents.

Nude lipstick finder

Finding the perfect nude lippie is just as difficult as shade-matching your foundation. After all, it’s the only nude that matters, ’di ba bes? *wink* So far, a few beauty brands and even Pantonea recognized color authorityhave website features to help you find your my-lips-but-better lippie. But that’s about it. No nude lipstick finder in sight just yet.

Music to match your mood

Tired of scrolling through your playlist non-stop just to look for a song that matches your mood? Mapapa-God Is A Woman kami bes if this comes to life. We imagine that it can sync with your social media accounts to assess whether you’re on cloud nine or in the hugot zone ala-Moira. Once you boot it up, it will automatically curate songs and put them in a playlist to keep you company.

With words from Patricia Taculao; Featured Image by Madel Crudo


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