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Let us guess, bes. You’ve received a ton of invites to Halloween parties, ’no? Ditch that white lady costume you’ve been wearing for years. Heck, pati ’yung alter mong multo sawa na sa’yo. Time to upgrade and serve the cool lewks. Here are some Halloween costume ideas for you, based on this year’s most popular movies:

T’ Challa of Black Panther

Y’all already know that Marvel’s Black Panther is going to be in this list. Not only is the movie groundbreaking for its predominantly black cast and African-American director, it is also notable for opening a discourse on how it truly is to be of African descent in America and in the whole world. At makakalimutan ba natin ang mga outfit-an ni haring T’Challa? We’re pretty sure that there’ll be about 10 guys at every Halloween party sporting his look. If you are one of them, just wear your best black suit and an intricate scarf, para rin you don’t freeze. Get it?

Thanos of Avengers: The Infinity War

Thanos is by far everyone’s favorite villain in this year’s top-grossing superhero movie, Avengers: Infinity War. Hindi siya ’yung typical kontrabida ng Marvel dahil sa fatherly figure A.K.A. loving sa favorite daughter niya na si ateng Gamora. But apart from Thanos’ big stature and bald head, his gauntlet is the true scene stealer. Don’t forget to drop by any toy store (for sure marami silang stock nito) to get yourself the holder of the six (pretend) Infinity gems.

Ant Man of The Ant Man and the Wasp

Kung nasa petite side ka, bes, mukhang oras na para gamitin ang size mo to your advantage. Why don’t you dress up as Ant Man? The movie’s sequel is such a hit, it’s impossible not to include it in this list. We might not be able to find a suit that can give us the ability to shrink our size, we can at least try to mimic the look. Get yourself black stretch overalls and create your DIY armor with a piece or two of cardboard and metallic paint. Don’t forget the helmet. That’s an Ant Man signature.

Deadpool from Deadpool 2

Without a doubt one of the funniest movies of the year, Deadpool 2 is another popular inspo for Halloween costume hunters. Sure kami diyan, bes. Bonus pa if you’re a funny guy (or gal) like Ryan Reynolds. There’s not much to the storyline, but you know the drill: hero saves the girl and all that. If you feel like being Deadpool for a night, look for maroon stretch overalls and do your cardboard cutouts painted in black and silver. You can even make your own breathable mask. Or you can just order online. Hassle-free pa, bes. Skip the swords, too. You don’t want to cause any trouble, do you?

Valak of The Nun

The Nun, the successful prequel to the Conjuring series, is one of the scariest movies we’ve seen in a while. Kung hindi ka ba naman matakot sa demon na naghahanap ng vessel, we don’t know what will. But then again, Valak is the perfect Halloween costume. Parang white lady pa rin, except you’re wearing a nun’s outfit. A predominantly black madre outfit will do, paint your face white, smudge black lipstick onto your eyes and lips, and bring out the scariest face you have up your sleeve. Baka manalo ka pang Best Costume sa party.

Bao from The Incredibles 2 Short Movie

Kung pisngi lang din naman labanan, eh di gumora ka na kay Bao. While this short movie from the much-awaited The Incredibles 2 is a bit of a tear-jerker (Love you always, mom!), this little dumpling is just too cute. Ika nga, “Be the fluffy one in a world full of Valak.” Charot! Kami lang nagsabi niyan, pero you get the point. There’s not a lot of Bao costumes available online right now, but you can always improvise. Get some white foam you use a ton during your art classes in grade school and starting cutting dumpling-like shapes. Make sure to provide a big hole for your face at baka ma-suffocate ka.

Lara Jean of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

You know it, bes. You need to say goodbye to all the Halloween outfits you’ve worn before. Parang lack of representation lang in media, sinagasaan na ng movies like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. The lead character, Lara Jean, is especially remarkable. If you do want to dress up like her, just pull out your satin, bomber jacket, trustee Converse, and the preppiest dress in your closet. Malay mo, you might find your own Peter Kavinsky at a party.

Astrid of Crazy Rich Asians

Much like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Crazy Rich Asians is another groundbreaking Hollywood movie that features an all-Asian cast and delves into almost everything Asia. TBH, it slayed our 2018, much like Astrid who is one of the movie’s most powerful characters. If you want to make quite an entrance to your Halloween party, might as well channel her first outfit in the movie. Look for a cowl neck dress (yes, that’s exactly what she wore) and strappy heels to match. Sa totoo lang, though, kahit anong pang-Miss Universe na damitan na meron ka, pwede na.

Veronica of Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

She might be the designated mean girl, but Veronica may well be the best part of the whole series. Siya ang tunay na kween. Not only is she a genuinely nice friend, she also chose to be understanding of Sierra Burgess’ life situations. Popular girl ang peg ni ateng, so you need to look insanely pretty to pull off this costume. Cop her look with a cropped top, skin-tight red pants, patterned bomber jacket, and ankle boots. Tie your hair in a ponytail and put tons of mascara on. Confidence is key rin, bes, so rampa lang.


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