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Have you dreamed of going viral? Uy aminin, it crossed your mind at least once in your life. Nothing should stop you from trying to get your 15 minutes of fame—well in this case 15 seconds lang, pero keri. TikTok is one of the hottest and most downloaded apps right now, and can well be your key to fame (ayiii).

Remember when Maine Mendoza first became famous because of her Dubsmash videos (or baka lang sa AlDub ka lang aware), or the craze from that got everyone doing the randomest things in public? Well, TikTok can do all that, and more! With just a little fidgeting on the app, anyone can make a fool of themselves with utmost creativity thanks to numerous special features.

But what exactly makes TikTok stand out from other apps? I mean, may Snapchat naman diyan if you want mga pa-cute filters. Or you could just go on Instagram (or your Finsta) to see the latest trends on the network. Here are three key words that make TikTok unique from other apps, and for sure magpapasikat ka na rin.


TikTok is first and foremost a video platform. Sometimes hindi kaya ng photos alone to express your identity, minsan kailangan ng interaction with your imaginary audience. (Aba meron na pala?!) Being able to take videos of yourselves allows you to share with everyone just about everything about yourself.


Unlike popular video platforms like YouTube, TikTok is exclusively shortform—kaya nga 15 seconds of fame lang. But imagine just how much imagination you can cram in that time? Puwede ka sumayaw ng extreme version ng Bboom Bboom, or dub your favourite John Lloyd lines. Kahit mag-banatan kayo ni jowa ng mga pick-up lines (uso pa ba iyon?). Ang infinite ng possibilities!


What makes TikTok absolutely different is the endless space for creativity. Sobrang bongga ng mga features na puwede i-mix and match. New filters are added every week (ranging from papogi to werwer), new hashtags go viral by the minute (#clickbait #chikaminute), and numerous challenges ranging from dancing to acting for everyone to try.

Even if you can’t come up with a new video, you can recreate someone else’s video with your own twist. So many celebrities are making their own videos like AC Bonifacio and Jodi Sta. Maria. Sus, kahit si Maine nakagawa na ng mga patawang video ulit! Imagine then if you could copy their videos while using an alien filter, or may applause sa background.

TikTok is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play. For advertisement inquiries you may e-mail TikTok at, and for press inquiries at


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