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From donning ’80s fashion silhouettes to being painfully good at comebacks, Dynasty’s Fallon Carrington (played by Liz Gillies) is an absolute #bauwse. She’s beautiful, highly intelligent, and downright ambitious. Ano pa ba, ’di ba? In the 2017 reboot, however, the oil heiress is blazing her own trail with a lot more fire than both Pamela Sue Martin and Emma Samms’ portrayal in the original soap—just with chic pant suits in place of shoulder pads.

If you need more convincing that she’s easily the ice queen we didn’t know we needed, here are four more reasons to get you on board:

She’s always dressed like an empress

In essence, Fallon Carrington is a royalty. It’s basically her birthright to be looking fresh off the runway every damn day. She is a one-percenter, after all. Kumbaga sis, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! And with having more money than she knows what to do with, it’s just your usual day-to-day representation of the grandiose life and admirable confidence with ease.

References, references, references

One of the many ways 2017 Dynasty is different from the original installment is its hefty dose of pop culture and political references. We get a lot of this Fallon herself—snide commentaries about the KimYe-Taylor feud, or one-liners regarding US President Donald Trump and his family. ’Di nawawalan ng say si ate gurl.

She’s fiercely loyal

Being the career-driven, self-sufficient woman that she is, it makes sense that Fallon values her limited ties. She is a great sister to big brother Steven (James Mackay), despite having completely different ideals. Beshie for life lang talaga ang dramahan. She would go through great lengths to put him first, as he is her best friend and confidante. She’s also a devoted friend to Monica (Wakeem Hollis) even though she betrayed her and even came around to help Sammy Jo (Rafael de la Fuente) later on.

Her business savvy is impeccable

Fallon can effortlessly rise through the ranks by doing close to nothing—but that’s not her brand. She works so hard that she has rightfully earned her place in the family business. She knows when and how to take charge, and plans on dominating ’til she gets the corner office. Lavarn na lavarn, bes!

The second season of Dynasty premieres soon. In the meantime, you can binge the pilot season on Netflix.

Photo from Rotten Tomatoes


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