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If you haven’t heard by now mumsh, you should be on the look out for this ingredient on the lips of many beauty editors these days: Hyaluronic Acid (HA).

Wag ka ma-praning sa pangalan, mumsh, according to experts (na hindi lang Web MD), it is a substance that is naturally occurring in our body. It apparently helps with skin hydration, diminishes fine lines, and has anti-oxidant properties. But wait there’s more (ang bago lang ng banat namin), it can also wound repair. Parang si Wolverine, ganon.

HA was one of the main points of discussion at the launch of Dr. Morita Sheet masks, a name that has been around since 1934. It is a brand under Taiwan-based Dr. Jou Biotech, and its founder, Dr. Chun Hsu Jou, was on hand for the quick talk. Japanese Hyaluronic Acid is used generously in all their moisturising and whitening masks. Their masks won a silver award from the prestigious Monde Selection. Ang bongga lang.

Some pro tips from Dr. Jou:

1. When putting on a sheet mask, start with the nose first so you can easily adjust the eye area.

2. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes only. Going beyond that can result to a “reverse osmosis” where it can leave skin drier. So masasayang lang ang effort.

3. You will be most likely left with a lot of serum essence in the pack. Use it on your finger joints, elbows, and knees.

4. You don’t have to massage the face after removing the mask. Your skin will absorb the essence without any extra effort from you. Pero kung feel mo lang, try tracing your cheeks upward with your thumb.

5. Dr. Jou recommends using their whitening mask for two days and then their HA moisturizing mask on the third day for maximum effect.

Dr. Morita sheet masks are now available at Watson’s and SM Beauty for only P74 each. For more information, follow @drmoritaph on Instagram.

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