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The month of efficiency, efficiency, efficiency is long gone — Libra season is in the air. From September 23 to October 23, we will be graced by a much lighter energy of love, pleasure, and beauty. If Virgo season means getting things in order, Libra is all about indulging in the fruits of the work we’ve done for the past month. In other words, ‘wag makonsensya to take it easy, mumsh.

All things love

Librans are fairly known for being lovers. These fair-minded advocates of harmony and diplomacy are understandably loved by everyone around them, so it’s not surprising that this time of the year will be filled with the same energy.

This is also the perfect timing for solidifying relationships – and not just romantic love, either. According to The Mindhaven’s Amelia Quint, when the sun moves into Libra, people start feeling the need to unite. Season nga raw for budding bonds, bes. This could mean that some may decide to finally tie the knot, some may finally push through with their long-planned partnerships, or some may find new friends.

Sensibly balanced

Since Libra is represented by scales, it figures that all those who fall under this sign believe in assessing the two sides of a coin. Kumbaga sila ‘yong friends na mediator kapag may conflict, ganern. They encourage us to be fair and look at all the variables before making an inference about a situation.

They vouch for equality and balance, but this also means they can be indecisive at times. Librans are ultimately good-natured people who aren’t very big on confrontations, too. In any case, their nurturing personalities allow them to have strong and lasting connections in life.

A little extra effort for stability

All things considered, Libra season speaks of opportunities to fine-tune our lives with not-so-overwhelming acts.

If you’ve been sluggish for the better part of the week, start working out to get the blood going again. If you’re one to bury yourself in work naman, don’t hesitate on getting that massage you obviously need. Deserve mo ‘yan, fam. After all, this is also the period for all things luxurious, so it’s not such a crime to be gentle on yourself.

Illustration by Madel Crudo


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