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Starring Channing Tatum, James Corden, Zendaya, Lebron James

Directed by Karey Kirkpatrick

Fidel (@fidelferia):

Smallfoot was delightful. I doff my hat at its sheer boldness. For a film whose premise revolves around goofy Himalayan Yetis, it raised an awful lot of questions about our capacity to empathize. And have I mentioned this was an animated musical-comedy? Well it did all this while maintaining a palpable sense of Looney Tunes-grade whimsy. In other words, ‘di siya basta-basta kiddie film; nagsi-stick ‘yung mensahe niya paglabas ng theater, which is always a mark of a story well told. What Smallfoot does deftly is touch on its topics—among which are xenophobia and the pitfalls of celebrity. This, without sounding like your Homeroom teacher proselytizing, or, at least, not making the viewer feel like it is. It poses enough challenges, and leaves its charming, benevolent characters to reckon with them in a way that feels honest. What you should know, reader, is this: the children will rave over the slapstick, but you will be the one to leave the theater with Smallfoot’s true reward: humanity. (4/5)

Patty (@_merprincess):

We’ve all heard the stories about Big Foot so it’s quite different to see the tables turn on a popular myth. What I like about the movie is that it has references and vibes that all audiences can relate to. Of course the kids would love the animation as well as the musical score but the older audience can appreciate the humor and wit. It’s the kind of humor na mapapatawa at mapapa-face palm ka. And there’s the universal moral of the story that we all can learn from: backstabbing isn’t a nice thing to do. Tandaan mo ‘yan since it’s always timely. (3.5/5)

Kristofer (@mrsummerpurns):

Smallfoot puts a twist to the Big Foot legend: Migo (Channing Tatum), a Yeti from a village in the Himalayas, comes across something they never knew existed— human. Tatum is accompanied by an enjoyable supporting cast that includes James Corden, Danny DeVito, Gina Rodriguez, and LeBron James. Also in the cast are Zendaya and Common, whose musical numbers are certain to stick in your mind and get you grooving. The most remarkable feature about the film is the extensive use of CGI to make the yetis hair blow in the wind; almost just as riveting as the lessons that the movie dives into. Although Smallfoot has similar elements from past films, it still promises to give both kids and adults an enjoyable ride between two different worlds. (3/5)

Smallfoot is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

Photos from Warner Bros. 


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