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In a country as diverse as the Philippines, it’s only appropriate to have a wide range of selection in anything and everything. Inclusivity is the name of the game. Fite me if you disagree!

MAC Cosmetics, an OG brand of professional makeup, is now adding 18 new shades to their Studio Fix Fluid line. That’s a total of 64 shades of funda to cover every Filipina skin tone. Walang panama si Christian Grey.

The brand also introduces its new 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer to take care of those eyebags, blemishes, and bad decisions. You have 30 shades to choose from, mumsh!

The Pro Conceal and Correct Palette rounds up this set of makeup base essentials. It features pans of creamy yellow and peach correctors to hide any redness or discoloration. You’ll never have to worry about being a red tomato sa harap ni crush.


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