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If you’re feeling a bit worn out by the recent comeback of romcoms these days (aminin), may we suggest watching the misadventures of a morally lost anti-heroine in the afterlife? Introducing: The Good Place.

The Good Place follows the story of Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), a horrible person during her time on Earth, realizing that she was mistakenly placed in the Good Place. She then continues to lie to neighborhood architect Michael (Ted Danson) and tries to rightfully earn her spot by trying to be a better person. Interesting yung kwento, ‘no?

The plot of NBC’s The Good Place isn’t anything new—or so we initially thought. The life after death setting is as groundbreaking as florals for spring, but what will keep you hooked is its non-religious exploration of the afterlife and humanity. So yeah, pretty light stuff like that.

The show has been renewed for a third season coming late this month, but if you’re still on the fence about binging, here are four more inviting reasons to get you on board:


The Good Place gives you plenty of laughs with seemingly mundane things. For one, swearing is prohibited in the neighborhood. This easily drives Eleanor up the wall, who doesn’t stop cursing hilariously throughout the show. Words like “fuck” gets replaced by “fork,” “shit” becomes “shirt,” and “bitch” gets relieved by “bench.” Seriously bes, watch it. Funny siya!

The cast

Aside from lining up a well-diverse set of actors, the show’s quality is mostly reliant on its brilliant characters. They build The Good Place’s overall premise. Suffice it to say there is no weak personality—just a mix of oddities—in this bunch. And sis, si Kristen Bell ang bida. Ano pa bang hahanapin mo?

Ethics lessons

If you think you’re sitting through another sitcom you have *probably* seen before—think again. This creation by well-renowned showrunner Michael Schur really is as good as its predecessors (Parks and Recreation & Brooklyn Nine-Nine). Morality and ethics move the plot. Tipong magkaka-existential crisis ka ng wala sa oras. The pacing makes these usually complicated theoretical lessons into consumable ideas we apply in real life, and get ready—things get deep fast.

Sensible comedy

The subject of death is no means funny, but The Good Place brings it to a certain light that makes things easier to talk about. It’s got entertaining storylines that provide intelligent comedy and thought-provoking points about principles, goodness, and life. Also, the sidesplitting one-liners easily make the rest of the show—either it’s deep or sobrang nonsensical pero relatable content, ganern

It’s the medium place between sunny, feel-good comedies, and high-complex, intelligible TV. And hey, if we can have both, why choose?

The Good Place is available on iFlix (Seasons 1 & 2) and Netflix (Season 1).

Photos from The Good Place 


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