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Maroon 5 is coming back to Manila next year and with them are memories of every teenage girl’s heartbreak anthem. Ahhh, gone were the days when our 16-year-old selves would romanticize breakups because now we deal with the real thing. (Ang sakit sakit na talaga, bes!)

So in the spirit of celebrating emo days and good music, we take a trip down the Maroon 5 memory lane. Their hits tug too well on every level of #brokenness you’ve experienced before finally letting someone go. Prepare your tears, mumsh.

Makes Me Wonder

Betrayal is simply the worst, and this doesn’t necessarily mean cheating. Your partner can betray you by taking you for granted, too. Anger is a strong emotion and oftentimes, you spend too many nights thinking how the person in front of you simply isn’t the same person you fell in love with. Mukhang walang forever sa kanya, girl. Tulad ng sinabi ni Papa P kay Toni sa Starting Over Again: we deserve an explanation and an acceptable reason! Pak!

Won’t Go Home Without You

Denial is part and parcel of every relationship that is coming to an end. We grasp only as much as we can accept at the moment. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay. This doesn’t mean you can’t still move forward. Laban lang ng laban, amirite?


How can we ever forget this line: “I know it’s hard to remember, the people we used to be. It’s even harder to picture that you’re not here next to me.” Bargaining is a tricky part of breakups. Mas tricky pa sa adulting ’to, mumsh. There are times when you remember everything so you feel like you want a person back. You aren’t thinking logically at this point and you probably shouldn’t be near heavy machinery. In times like these, just remember that it takes two to tango, and relationships are built on the mutual effort between two people. If a person wants you in their lives, you’ll know. Advance ka rin dapat mag-isip, besh.


If there’s ever a ranking of pang-wasak Maroon 5 songs, “Sad” will be on top. “I’m scared to death that there may not be another one like this”—We all know you cried a river when you heard that for the first time: “Still looking at the road we never drove on, wondering if the one I chose was the right one.” Allowing yourself to be sad is okay, but picking yourself up after is what’s even stronger kahit ’di na natin keri. ’Yan na ang ginagawa natin since who knows when. This brings us to acceptance.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Whenever Adam Levine sings, “it hurts but it may be the only way,” we feel that in our bones. Distance does make it hard to stay and sometimes, leaving does more good than staying. Closure is achieved by simply letting go. Parang public transport system ngPinas lang ‘yan, bes, we deserve better.

At some point in our lives, we all have wished that the boy who we’ve loved more than anyone will sing these and miraculously sweep us off of our feet one more time. Sometimes they do. A lot of times they don’t. Pero tandaan that more than any #broken love songs there is in the world, you deserve a “She Will Be Loved.” Ganern!

Maroon 5 will hold their fifth concert in Manila in March 5, 2019. It is part of their Asian tour that includes stops in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Thailand.


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