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If listening to music is part of your daily routine, we’re pretty sure that a music streaming app like Spotify is your best friend. Dito, no need to buy and download albums dahil nasa isang app na lahat at isang bayaran na lang. Game changer, ‘di ba?

And to help us have a better listening experience, Spotify launches its new ad supported free app, introducing a slew of features:

1. Taste Onboarding

After indicating the artists you like after downloading, the app will create and suggest playlists that matches with your preferences. With these choices, you’ll see changes to your home screen as well. Bale, makikita natin si Moira, Ex Batallion, and Salbakuta natin pagbukas ng app mo. (Don’t me, bes.)

2. On-Demand Playlists

Speaking of preferences, they will use the data you picked at taste onboarding to create a set of 15 personalized and curated playlists. This means every user gets something different. Unless, of course, icocompare mo siya sa Wasak Na Puso support group mo, memsh. Ayun, Sam Smith and Adele galore.

3. Assisted Playlisting

If you want to make your own playlist, the app can help you build it. All you need is to make the title and choose a few songs and Spotify will open a rabbit hole of genres. Kasing lalim ng mga hugot mo all day, everyday.

4. Like and Hide Buttons

When you use the new ❤️ or 🚫 buttons, the app acts on your choices. The ones you like will be placed in Your Favorites and new tracks from artists will be in your Release Radar. On the other hand, those you’ve disliked will be banished from your life—tipong yung feelings ng ex mo for you. Ganon.

5. Data Saver

A lot of users around the world are concerned with the amount of data used in streaming l. Because of this, the app created a switch to optimize the listening experience to use less mobile data. So go na sa pag-loop ng All By Myself and Creep. I-enjoy mo yan.

The All-New Spotify for Free is available for download for both IOS and Android.


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