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In a world of perfect outfits and beach-ready bodies, it’s easy to feel like crap. Even when you are able to live, breathe, and follow fashion ala-Carrie Bradshaw (‘yung super #goals na columnist and fashionista sa Sex and the City), sometimes you just end up looking and feeling less fabulous than you truly are. Whatever looks good kay mareng Gigi Hadid never works for us, too, so you’re not alone bes. We feel you on an exponential level.

For stylist Nika Diwa, however, it’s your body type that should dictate your style. “Fashion should work for you as your message to the world, not the other way around,” she tells the crowd at her interactive talk on style and self-worth called Be Empowered. Here are her other tips on how to dress according to your shape.

Cocktail Ring

This body type means that you have more weight in your midsection. The goal is to minimize it, “so you can have as much fried chicken as you want,” Nika jokes. And yes, willing to wait kami for that 2-piece chicken with extra rice. This can be achieved through highlighting the shoulders and the legs. She considers wide-leg pants, color block pieces, flowy tops with belts, high-waisted circle skirts, and long, Y-shaped necklaces as essentials for the cocktail ring gal.

Fragrance Bottle

If you are smaller at the top and you’re bigger at the bottom, this is your body type. You can accentuate your top half with boatneck tops and statement jewelries. “Wearing a top with horizontal stripes draws the attention to your upper body,” Nika adds. If you’re truly conscious about your bottom half, she says you can choose to wear a fit-and-flare dress, an A-line skirt, or boot-cut pants. Not only will you smell fragrant, you’d look the part, too. Bongga, ‘di ba?

Heart Pendant

The heart pendant is the opposite of the fragrance bottle. This means that you’re heavier on the top and you’re smaller at the bottom. This time, you’d want to make your waist and legs look fuller to achieve balance. Your closet best friends include V-neck tops and dresses, flared pants, A-line skirt, patterned and striped pieces, as well as long necklaces. Just a friendly reminder from Nika: go for a neckline that’s not too low. “You’ll leave nothing to the imagination in that case,” she explains. Valid point taken, mareng Nika.


Just like a lipstick bullet, this body type means that you’re fairly straight up and down. The mission is to create curves. Your frenemies won’t call you a walking plywood anymore if you start wearing peplum tops and dresses, full skirts and dresses, color block pieces, and belts.


Beshies who have a sunglass figure are truly #blessedt. Tipong Marian Rivera levels. It simply means that you are the same size at the top and at the bottom. You can literally wear anything and look fab. But Nika still recommends highlighting the waist to let those curves shine. Hoard all the belts, cinched waist tops and dresses, wrap dresses, straight leg pants, and dainty necklaces you can see because they are your best friends, too.

Nika Diwa is a global speaker, consultant, and stylist who empowers women through fashion and revealing their worth through talks and collaborations with brands. Get to know her more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.


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