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Just admit it, you find it hilarious when one of your barkada will publicly humiliate themselves while singing karaoke (Seriously bes, stop na. Pinapahiya mo si Ed Sheeran sa lyrics mo.) Still, by the end of their performance, you will clap and jeer alongside your crowd of overly-enthusiastic and overly-drunk friends. Here is a list of awesome karaoke hubs you and your barkada should check out to get your rock on this weekend.

The Rockstar KTV Bar

Photo from Rockstar KTV

This is a Family KTV and restobar in BGC owned by besties Anne Curtis and Karylle, Yael Yuzon and other celeb friends (pak! star studded). It is also a place where everyone can sing videoke much to their heart’s desires. Kaya kung wasak na wasak na si bes, you should take her here for some good beer and a good ol’ sing-your-heart-out walwal.

Videoke Lounge (Rooms498)

Ahhh, the karaoke lounge in Boni that serves one of the best sisig in town. You can also sing unlimited songs for 1 hour for just Php 48 pesos per person. Great deal, right?

Chicago KTV Bar

Chicago KTV Bars usually invites bands over to play at around 9 pm daily. So if you’re getting tired of hearing the wrong lyrics of Narda because your friend is too drunk to read the lyrics on the screen, this place is perfect to get your OPM fix, too.

Centerstage Family KTV and Resto Bar

Turn your dream of being the next Mariah Carey into a reality in this videoke hub in Jupiter Street in Makati. They have comfortable couches to sit on and their microphones are regularly cleaned and have sanitary covers. For Php 2,500 to Php 3,500, you can also get drinks, food, and three hours of videoke in your own KTV room for 5 to 15 pax

MegaPro PLUS Family KTV & Mega Shabu Shabu Restaurant

What’s better than karaoke? Probably Korean barbeque. At MegaPro, you can have both. This KTV family restaurant quietly tucked in the outskirts of Makati is a place where you can dine after a heated conversation with your besties on who sang that Taylor Swift song better (friend, ‘wag competitive.)

 Music Platinum Family KTV and Restaurant

Conveniently located at Polaris Street in Bel Air, Music Platinum has 17 private cozy rooms with 42-inch plasma TV screen and a quality sound system. The hub boasts of a 68,000-song library, which is continuously updated.

Red Box Karaoke

Photo from Red Box Karoke

Red Box Karaoke is perhaps one of the most popular karaoke chains in Manila. They have an extensive selection of various songs from every genre— from classic karaoke fare to Broadway hits, OPM songs and even today’s latest pop tunes. They also offer high quality acoustics but the ultimate deal breaker is their billiards and arcade games. Talk about a Guitar Hero dream come true!


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