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When the trailer for the 2018 remake of Meteor Garden was uploaded online, fans started getting excited for its premiere this July. Sad to say, mga bes, it is not available on Netflix Philippines. But ABS-CBN got the rights to air it in the country, so we can get our F4 fix there.

While we’re still waiting for the exact airing date of our all-time fave Asianovela, let’s take a look at some scenes that we hope to see in the new Meteor Garden:

1. Dao Ming Si’s kilig dance

Remember the scene where Dao Ming Si cannot hide his feelings and dance his kilig? So cute! Here’s to hoping that the new Ah Si can also dance like Jerry Yan.

2. Shan Cai admits her feelings to Dao Ming Si

The moment Shan Cai said “Gusto kita!” to Ah Si, wala na, bes. May nanalo na talaga. We’re so jealous!

3. Kiss under the meteor shower

Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si kissing under the meteor shower? No more explanation needed, bes. We need to see this scene again!

4. The warehouse scene

This list is not complete without a gut-wrenching scene. Aminin, grabe din yung kabog ng dibdib mo while watching this.

5. The emotional bus chase

If you’ll ask Meteor Garden fans about their favorite scene, this could be their top answer. Who would forget Shan Cai’s iconic chasing scene with Dao Ming Si? But the real question is: Bakit ba kasi ‘di huminto yung bus? Nahulog tuloy yung mga prutas. (*cue “Broken Vow”)

Photo from Meteor Garden | Facebook


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