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There’s no denying it. Vlogs (‘yung mga blogs in video format) are all the rage now. More people are taking advantage of free video-sharing platforms to share practically anything and everything under the sun. Walang limitations, bes, gaya ng feelings mo kay crush. And who says only Wil Dasovich or Janina Vela can do it? You, too, can make your own with a recording device in hand. Here are the features your vlogging camera should have.

1. Flip/Tilt screen

Reco/s: Fujifilm X-T100, Canon Powershot G7x Mark II

Being creative means exploring all possible angles. Madalas, may paghiga pa si bes para lang makuha ‘yung beach vacay shot mo. With a flip screen or a three-way tilting LCD monitor, however, you can save yourself some strenuous physical activity. Bella of ThatsBella knows exactly if the camera is capturing her or not in this vlog.

2. Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Reco/s: Canon EOS 77D

A built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can make transferring and uploading your pictures easier than letting go of the past. Pramis! Most cameras come with these functions now so if yours do not, it’s high time that you make the upgrade. The Shibutani Siblings (ShibSibs for short), Winter Olympians and travel junkies, always manage to squeeze in poses for the Gram despite hectic schedules. This vlog and post proves it.

3. Fast auto-focus function

Reco/s: Canon Powershot G7x Mark II, Fujifilm X-T100, Canon EOS 77D

We know the importance of being brainy when it comes to operating cameras manually. That’s what pros do. But when you’re busy living the moment and enjoying the time of your life, you can’t care much about how the camera is capturing you, much less if it’s focused on where you want it to. This is where the fast auto-focus function comes in handy. It makes filming more carefree and fun. Don’t you agree, baks? This video of Food Ranger’s food trip in Chengdu, China shows a lot of auto-focus action.

4. Lightweight and Portable

Reco/s: GoPro Hero 6 Black, Polaroid Cube

Filming vlogs can last for who knows how long. Ikaw lang talaga ang makakaalam, besh. Vloggers who film their adventure-filled travels can’t strap a 20-pound camera to their bodies. Even chill vlogs that take you around random places like the grocery or park require arm strength and endurance. Lucky for all of us, there are cameras that do the job without the heavy weight. Edward Avila does his vlogs now with a portable camera. See this video for yourself.

5. Wide lens

Reco/s: GoPro Hero 6 Black, Polaroid Cube

Wide angle lens are particularly helpful for those who are not blessed with long arms (like us). Mapapa-”What pan shots?” ka din with cameras that feature this because a still shot can capture such a big space. This vlog from K-beauty and lifestyle vlogger Joan Kim shows the perks of wide-angle lens.

6. Optical Image Stabilization

Reco/s: SONY a6500

That shaky footage you have is most likely because you’re pasmado. Thank the heavens (and camera innovators) for Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). This allows—obvious naman sa name—the camera to stabilize recorded images. Even a rocky relationship with your soon-to-be ex-friend can’t beat this. This province life vlog from Wil Dasovich was quite shaky, but it did not cause us headaches.

7. Quality image sensor

Reco/s: Nikon D5600, Canon EOS 77D, Sony a7 II

Quality images means quality vlogs. As an aspiring vlogger who has most likely watched a ton of videos, you’d want to see clear and crisp images in a video. Image sensors detect and convey the information that makes up an image. Having a good one guarantee good-looking footages. No one likes pixelated or ashy (unless you’re going for a different kind of aesthetic) clips. You hate blurred lines nga between you and si crush, videos pa kaya? Check out Erwan Heausaff’s video qualities here.

8. Microphone input

Reco/s: Canon EOS 80D, Panasonic Lumix GH5

Bad audio quality is always a bummer, no matter how awesome your videos look. Take time to find a camera that can let you connect an external microphone for improved audio. Obviously, these units already have a built-in microphone that pick up sounds nicely but it doesn’t hurt to have a backup option, right? Ganyan ka din sa lovelife bes eh. Daniel Marsh never turns on his camera to film vlogs without a microphone in place.

9. Extended Battery Life

Reco/s: Sony a6500

A long battery life is one of the best features a vlogging camera can have. Vlogs usually capture spontaneous moments and even long adventures, so a reliable battery gives that much-needed feeling of security. Sana all, ‘di ba? Like your friends and family. Here’s Mark Wiens, with his trustworthy camera and battery enduring a fifteen-hour Filipino food tour.


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