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The long wait is over. Celine Dion is finally performing here in a two-night concert in front of her Filipino fans (kaway-kaway everyone). Whether you’re a fan (which surely you are) or a person who love to listen to music, you’d know that this multiple Grammy award winner’s voice—which gave life to some of music history’s most iconic songs—is simply hard to miss. Here’s what we’re hoping to hear at Celine’s show at the Mall of Asia Arena.

1. Because You Loved Me

This song is from Celine’s fourth English-language album Falling Into You, which was released in 1996. It’s a must-hear at the concert simply because Celine was our strength when we were weak and our voice when we couldn’t sing (because we can never reach those sky-high notes, baks).   

2. All By Myself

Celine is one of the few artists who could outdo (kabog in exponential levels) original songs with their their own versions. Eric Carmen’s 1975 single, “All By Myself” is an example. Akala din namin sariling kanta ‘to ni mareng biritera eh. The single was the third release (or fourth, depending on the country) from her 1996 album. She’s not all by herself in this hit’s success as it was produced by another music legend, record producer David Foster.

3. That’s The Way It Is

One of her more festive and upbeat songs to date, “That’s The Way It Is” is Celine’s chance to get the crowd off their seats. (We’d be standing the whole time in her voice’s holy presence, though, just sayin’.) It is the lead single off of her 1999 greatest hits album, All the Way… A Decade of Song. And don’t be surprised if she nails this performance on concert night. That’s just who she is.

4. My Heart Will Go On

We’ve probably heard this song more than the many times we watched Titanic (and we’re not kidding when we say naglupasay kami for a thousand times over Jack and Rose). It’s a Celine Dion classic, nevertheless, and it’s a song that will forever remind us of the hearts that sank with Jack’s death. Si Rose kasi ang damot sa space ng door debris.

5. The Power of Love

Celine’s powerful vocal is best highlighted in the song, “The Power of Love.” Slaying yet again (what’s new, ‘di ba?), her cover of this Jennifer Rush original is one of the most notable versions of the song ever. We swear, it’ll be a goosebump fest once she starts performing this.

6. Alone

We’ve always cared for our queen’s releases and when she did “Alone” in 2007 for her tenth English-language studio album Taking Chances— oh boy were we shookt. Her voice, even after so many years of performing sold-out crowds, still reach notes that are most likely heard by aliens somewhere in another galaxy.

7. It’s All Coming Back To Me

This power ballad is the anthem of your beshie who keeps rekindling her old romance no matter how many times you tell her not to drown in the same cycle of toxicity. But then again, if it’s Celine vocalizing how she feels, who are we to go against it right? Si Celine na ‘yan eh. This song was part of her 1996 album and became a massive commercial hit. And we hope, too, that Celine will come back soon to grace us with her compelling vocals.

Tickets to Celine Dion Live in Manila on July 19 and July 20 are available at SM Tickets


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