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Half of what makes a beauty queen is hard work, discipline, and determination. The other half comes from genetics: the height, the face, and body proportions. Kung usapang realistic lang, bes, we can’t do much about that. (I know. Sad, ‘di ba?) What everyone else can do, though, is cop the awra our queens serve on a daily basis.   

We caught up with celebrity makeup artist Albert Kurniawan at the recent launch of Aquafina’s #BestBeginsNow campaign. Here’s how he completes the gandang-Miss-U lewk.

1. Less is more.

Contrary to popular belief, a beauty queen’s makeup doesn’t always resemble espasol. (That’s not cute, baks.) In fact, Albert skips foundation and concealer when the skin doesn’t need it. “You can’t carry something for a long period of time. It’s the same with your skin,” he says. “The more layers of makeup you put, the more it becomes weak kasi mabigat.”

2. Balance is key.

Unlike the glossy, makeup trend on Instagram, beauty queen looks—or all makeup looks for that matter—need balance. “That’s the rule of makeup. You have to balance everything out,” he says. Glossy or metallic lids could go well with a matte lip, or vice versa.

3. Skincare is the real gamechanger.

You can have all the best makeup products in the world and still find them not working for you because of your skin. This is why Albert puts emphasis on skincare. “Always find what works for you. The skin should be taken care of not just to be strong and healthy, but also for it to be able to wear makeup longer,” he shares. Switch your skincare products once in a while and make sure to check its contents. Lovelife status nga ni crush nababantayan mo, for sure kaya mo din for your fez.

4. Pick one bold color.

Whether it’s a bold red lip or a smoky eyeshadow, a striking color is a beauty queen signature. Hindi naman sa bida-bida, bes, pero standout naman kasi talaga ang ganda natin eh (*wink*). “The queens need to look commanding and confident as they represent their country and their organization, and powerful colors help radiate that,” he says.

5. Sleep and drink water—lots of it.

While makeup works on the surface, the glow of a beauty queen comes from the inside. It’s a result of enough rest and lots of water. “I tell this to my queens and all my clients: drink lots of water. It’s one of the most important and inexpensive ways to look radiant and beautiful,” he says.

See more of Albert Kurniawan’s looks at @abtkurniawan.


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