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After hearing the birit songs of Aegis in Rak of Aegis and Sugarfree’s heartbreaking tracks in Sa Wakas, it’s the perfect moment to bring APO Hiking Society’s legendary music to life. Presented by 9WorksTheatrical and Globe Live, Eto na! Musikal nAPO! follows a group of college friends and their doubts, heartbreaks, and love for music.

Director Robbie Guevarra noted that there will be at least 15 APO songs featured in the musical. While we’re still waiting for August to come, here’s a wishlist of songs we hope to hear in Eto na! Musikal nAPO!:  

1. Batang-Bata Ka Pa

Remember watching Dolphy and Serena Dalrymple performing this in the movie Daddy O, Baby O!? So nostalgic! That’s why we’re excited to hear their rendition of this iconic song. Perfect sa mga eksena with the parents.

Favorite line: “Makinig ka sa ‘king payo pagkat musmos ka lamang / At malaman ng maaga ang wasto sa kamalian”

2. When I Met You

If there’s an Apo song that we would like to dedicate to our jowa, that would be “When I Met You.” Just imagine watching the musical with your boyfie or girlfie and hearing this song. Proposal na lang ang kulang, te.

Favorite line: “You gave me a reason for my being / And I love what I’m feelin’”

3. Panalangin

This list is not complete without the ‘90s ultimate ligaw song “Panalangin.” Lyrics pa lang, mapapadasal ka na sa kilig!

Favorite line: “Panalangin ko sa habang buhay / Makapiling ka Makasama ka / Yan ang panalangin ko”

4. Awit ng Barkada

There’s no explanation needed to why this song should be included in the musical. I mean, bes, your high school life is not complete if you didn’t jam to this song with your classmates.

Favorite line: “Makinig ka sa ‘king payo pagkat musmos ka lamang / At malaman ng maaga ang wasto sa kamalian”

5. Ewan

If an unanswered “I love you” is painful, e ano pa ‘yung nasabihan ka ng “ewan”? It hurts! If nakaka-relate ka with this situation, you probably need to include this song in your playlist.

Favorite line: “Mahal kita, mahal kita, hindi ito bola / Ngumiti ka man lang sana ako’y nasa langit na”

6. Nakapagtataka

A senti song perfect for the time your thinking about what happened to your past relationship, asking what’s wrong, and why it didn’t end well. O ayan bes. Umuulan na. Tumambay ka na sa may bintana mo.

Favorite line: “Napahid na ang mga luha / Damdamin at puso’y tigang / Wala nang maibubuga / Wala na ‘kong maramdaman


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