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It was a colorful day at the Marikina Sports Complex as supporters and members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and Pansexual (LGBTQIAP) community (hingal pero keri lang, baks) showed up at the Pride March and Festival 2018 to call for empowerment and policy change. FYI, the annual celebration happened just a few days after the historic oral arguments on allowing same sex marriage in the country. Pak, ‘di ba?

In case you were not able to come join the fun, here’s what you missed, which is, like, half your life, mumsh.

1. Thousands were in attendance

At least 15,000 people were present at this year’s march. That’s more than double the number of attendees last year. Bes, kami rin shookt sa dami ng tao. The big venue was just perfect for a crowd that’s cheering—not for a pop superstar or some oppa actor—but for a meaningful cause. Way to go, mga beshies!

2. Every Ka-Pride walking in the rain

The sun’s heat was not as harsh on the crowd as thick clouds provided cover. The day seemed perfect—almost, at least. Midway all the rampa, the rain started beating the participants. That did not stop them from finishing the march, though. In fact, everyone brought out their umbrellas and fought off the wet like pros. Others didn’t even bother. They’d look cute AF anyway. To wit: you might rain on our parade, but kebs.

3. “Awra” living up to the name

Child star Awra Briguela was a stunner in a colorful cape, glittery hair, and a rainbow flag atop a unicorn float. Iba siya, mga mumsh! The excitement over the Ang Probinsyano breakout actor at the march was no surprise as he has been publicly representing the community as an openly gay and fabulous diva. Tuloy lang sa pag-awra, beh!

4. Marikina City Mayor Marcy Teodoro’s support for the community

Perhaps the loudest cheer erupted when Marikina City Mayor Marcy Teodoro expressed his full and unwavering support for the LGBTQIAP community. In his speech, he reiterated the beauty and creativity that comes out of diversity. Hats off to you, Sir Teodoro. You da real lodi!

5. Dem wit and humor.

Our LGBTQIAP beshies are the funniest and this year’s Pride was full of wit and whimsy as usual. It wasn’t easy to hold back a smile, much less the laughter. And yes, we lowkey wanted to sing while reading your placard, ate gurl. After all, it’s twenty-gay-teen! (Get it? Get it?)

Photos by Madel Crudo


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