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Let’s admit it. Adulting is tough, more so keeping the motivation going. Ika nga ni mareng Hayley Williams in her sarcastic yet powerful singing voice, “Ain’t it fun living in the real world?” It is fun, but sometimes we need a little kick of inspiration to get us through the bad days. That’s what inspirational mood boards are for.

In case you didn’t know, a mood board is a random arrangement of images, text, and materials that evoke a concept or feeling. Most creative professionals do it pero #ahrt is for everyone so kebs lang. Here’s how you can create your own.

1. Gather supplies.

Before you can get started on your mood board, you’d need a cutter, ruler, masking tape, an illustration board, and a cork board. Parang sa life lang ‘yan ate gurl. Kailangan ready ka. You can use push pins along the way, too. Any thick panel that could hold anything you decide to put is enough. We opted for an illustration board, cut it to a square, and glued it to a cork board for a more sturdy frame. This size fits any office desk or study area well.

2. Pool images and messages.

Gather all the images and messages that speak to you—the ones that you believe in, relate to on so many levels, and remind you of your purpose. Lapit ka na lang kay Kuya Wil for the will to lib in case you’re still searching for yours. We got to collect (AKA hoard) all the stickers and artworks of independent local artists during the Komura; Book Fair.

Some of the artists we met and whose works are featured in this mood board are Leo Valdez (@volskey), Mika B (, MAKÔ (@mako.lagotka), Dani Go (@curiosdani), Annix Sarmiento (@droppinpancakes), the Curious Artisan X Megumoo , Gian Ferrer (@estitiks), and Kuro Saku (@kuro.saku). Mga certified lodi!

3. Start sticking, pinning, and tacking.

Now for the fun part, start placing the cards and stickers wherever you feel. There’s no formula for this. You can keep the board neat or crowded. You can even go monochromatic if your preferences tell you to. You do you. Got bus tickets somewhere in your stash? That could be a great addition to your board, too, as it will remind you of the long commutes you survive everyday. Pat on the back for you, bes. You are a strong and independent homo sapien.

And voila! Here’s our version of a mood board, bes. Feel free to add more trinkets by the end of the year. Yours will surely be more crowded by then.


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