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The season of rain (and ocean-deep baha) has come upon us. The fight to be waterproof is more intense now than ever before. Oras na para i-test ang flexibility mo over numerous gross puddles.

And don’t even think of wearing your fave leather sandals or cotton, off-shoulder top. Disaster, bes. Here’s what you can do instead to stay dry (and fresh AF) during these wet, wet, wet days.

1. Choose water-repellent clothing.

No matter how much you love your sweatshirt or hoodie, it’ll be soaking wet by the time you get to your destination. ‘Yung totoo, ate gurl. Lumangoy ka while on commute, no? Fret not, though. You can always turn to water-repellent outerwear for protection. This parka is made from polyester, a kind of plastic that is resistant to stretching, wrinkling, and getting wet. Bongga, ‘di ba?

2. Wax everything.

It’s difficult to let go of your canvas shoe especially when you became so fond of wearing them in your summer adventures. You can still wear them under the rain, though, if you feel like it. Nagagawan mo nga ng paraan makita si crush eh, ito pa kaya? Just heat some wax using a hair dryer and rub it across the textile. Seal the wax in with the same blow dryer and leave it to rest for a while. You can do this for your canvas tote bags, too.

3. Make use of rain covers.

We know how much you hate plastic (Who doesn’t, right?), but they can be your best friend when it’s pouring outside. Enter rain covers. Rucksack liners—used frequently when mountain (not social) climbing—ensure that the contents of your bag stay dry. Bin bags work just as well. Shoe covers, meanwhile, can protect your fave sneakers from the damage and stink of floods.

4. Spritz rainproof spray.

Believe it or not, these waterproof sprays exist. This is especially protective of bags, shoes, wallet, key holders, and pretty much anything that’s made out of leather and suede. You can spray this even on your umbrellas and rucksacks. Pak!


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