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For the past 16 years, the ToyCon PopLife FanXperience—Asia’s biggest and longest-running convention for toys, collectibles, cosplay, comics, gaming, and digital entertainment—has been delivering the much-needed fun and wonder for children and the young at heart. This year’s convention was no different. May hangover pa rin kami, TBH.

We spent the first day of ToyCon marveling over all the toys up for grabs and on display. Here are our favorites (and some of the event’s coolest, pramis).

1. Anatoy

Coming from the land of kimchi and our favorite K-Dramas, Anatoy (a short term for anatomy and toy, get it?) is about the “complex” or insecurities of a person. The toy design studio aims to “help people with mental or physical complexes to overcome it.” This one’s for the marupok, baks. Whether you’re one of them or not, these designs were definitely hard to miss.

2. The Rice-Eating Yokai

This monster-like critter named Guu, a rice-eating yokai (‘yung mga ka-uri ni Inu Yasha) is the first art toy of Jacqueline Wky, a designer based in Malaysia. She’s always been fascinated with folklore, legends, and mythical creatures. This is the reason why it doesn’t come as a surprise that she ventured into toy design and customization following her stint as a children’s book illustrator. Oh, the things you do for what you love. Super relatable, mga mumsh.

3. Tamagotchi

If this doesn’t give you nostalgia (ewan ko na lang talaga sa’yo, bes), we don’t know what would. Tamagotchi, as you and the 90s kids in your fam may already know, is a handheld digital pet from Japan. It’s that pocket-friendly, egg-shaped computer with an interface with three buttons. The very sight of this toy takes us to an instant throwback—and we’re living for it.

4. Miniature Pinoy Food

The things we do for the love of food, you ask? Miniature versions of it, of course. Whether it’s that fried chicken meal from your favorite fast food or that longsilog sa mala-7 Eleven na tapsihan in your hood, the Toy Canteen definitely understands the joy that it brings you. The fake food’s details are crazy good, anyone would take a second look under a magnifying lens. Nakakagutom din, bes.

5. TEQ63 Vinyl Toy

If heaps of toy enthusiasts—including foreign tourists—are lining up and cashing out in a booth, surely we’re in the midst of something awesome. When we checked out what was selling hot and fast (NFA levels talaga), the hype was definitely well-deserved. The TEQ63 Vinyl Toy is a design of world-renowned Filipino toy artist Quiccs Maiquez. It’s his original and flagship creation with influences from the Japanese robot culture, hip-hop Influences since his childhood days, and his Filipino roots.


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