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While there is a lot of glitz and glamor to it, becoming a brand ambassador is not an easy feat. And when you’re up against the coolest and grittiest youngsters in town who are more than ready to take on the job, it’s even tougher to make the cut. Like Battle Royale, baks. But, just like some of the guys na jinowa mo, even the most difficult challenges come to an end. SM Youth Go See Season 3, the brand’s search for new reps, showed us the energy and spirit of the young Pinoy.

We got the chance to meet the contestants during the live Finals night at the Cove Manila. While Julian Rodriguez and Jaime Borromeo were announced as the new SM Youth ambassadors (kinabog ang #potential), these are the non-winners that we also rooted for.

1. Sabrina San Diego, 21

Sabrina is that friend who never settles for less and always pushes herself to be better. It’s this attitude that made her a standout for us and surely for the judges, too. Umabot ba naman sa final 5, ‘di ba? She’s a seasoned commercial model (hindi ng betsin or sinigang mix) which explains her adorable personality. From what she’s produced in the entire season, though, we think she has the knack for high fashion.

2. Ino Zijlema, 19

While this lad had a disappointing start, his high fashion looks belong to style magazines and billboards along EDSA. Plus, who doesn’t get the kilig feels with a guy in long locks like OG SM Youth Ambassador Tommy Esguerra? No one. (Clearly. Duh.) He’s more than just his physical appearance, though. He’s got a big heart, especially for his mom whom he cites as the reason why he joined the competition. Sweet!

3. Latrisha Tallent, 17

With that curly, va-va-voom hair and beautiful, mahogany skin, Latrish is hard to miss. It’s even more difficult not to root for her. Not only does she have a modelesque physique (young Venus Raj ang peg), she’s got some serious fashion instincts that sets her apart from the rest. We still can’t get over her cool outfit from the Style Tribe challenge. Pasok na pasok sa banga, baks!

4. Gynie Antigulas, 21

You’d imagine a math teacher as boring but this Bulacan native is that attitude-shifting baddie we often see (and envy) on Instagram. And we totally love her for that. Nothing beats a cool teacher that can get you to simplify algebraic expressions and pose like a top model.

5. Karla O’Hara, 21

Apart from her pak na pak bone structure, Karla’s independence and ability to lead brought her far into the competition. She shined during the final campaign video shoot where she expertly directed and took part in matters on and off cam. That’s how yo girl (and a Maskom grad) slays!


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