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Papa, daddy, tatay, or pudra—whatever name they go by, the man of the house will always be the OG. From their famous tatay jokes to their sage advice, our dads are always there to paint a smile on our face. If you’re having a hard time thinking of unique gift ideas for Father’s Day, here are some ideas that you might want to check out:

1. Magnetic wristband

We’re pretty sure that your pudra’s toolbox is always full and busy. But let’s be real, when they’re fixing furniture at home, hassle maghanap ng mga nalaglag na pako sa sahig, bes. The struggle is real. But thanks to this magnetic wristband, \our dads can keep all their thingamajigs securely in one place.

2. Bear claw scratcher


Tell your dad to ditch his 10-year-old wooden pangamot and gift him with this bear claw scratcher. Its adorable paw-shaped metal hand and a cushion grip can extend to nearly 58cm and can be retracted to 21cm. It’s so handy, your dad can even bring it at work. No more annoying back itch!

3. Self stirring mug

Planning to give your pudra a mug for Father’s Day? Panis na yan, bes. But if you still insist to buy him one for his morning coffee sesh, better get this self-stirring mug instead. Just put two AA batteries, flick the switch, and the mug will start mixing his coffee. O ‘di ba, techy!

4. Beer belt

Six-pack abs? More like six packs of beer! This hilarious belt is the perfect gift for our malt-loving dads. It can store 6 bottles or cans of beer. No need to stand up just to get another round of drinks. Less hassle!

5. Scratch off poster

Choosing a film to watch for your movie marathon at home is kinda stressful. That’s why this Father’s Day, give your dad this interactive poster and let him decide on what to watch during your family movie nights. Hang it in the living room and track your fam’s progress. ‘Di na kayo mag-aagawan sa remote control, teh.

Header image by Madel Crudo


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