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We just celebrated the 120th Independence Day with different events around the country. Meanwhile, online, netizens are back at it again with the #RP612Fic posts. In case you’re not familiar with the hashtag, it stands for “Republic of the Philippines June 12 Fiction” which started in 2009 and popularized by Paolo Chikiamco, writer and editor of This is an annual Twitter event where you can read or post relevant and hilarious tweets about alternative history. It’s like an informative meme about Philippine history and pop culture in one. Witty ‘di ba?

With that, let’s take a look at some of this year’s funniest #RP612Fic tweets:

Jollibee and McDo together? Miracle, besh!

Dua Lipa is shookedt

Naks. Started from the bottom now we’re here.

Dahil sa Albay talaga siya nababagay, te.  

Noice, Netflix!!

Heneral Luna as Miguel? Why not!

Yanny o Laurel pa din?

Saan aabot ang 10k mo? Charot.

“I’m sorry, the old Ibarra can’t come to the phone right now”

Pak, sunflower invasion!

Literal na fall!

Because Bonifacio is the OG supremo


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