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By now, you’ve seen tons of photos and videos showing how spectacular the National Museum of Natural History is. Agree kami sa overwhelming hype to an exponential level. Sapat na sapat. Not only is it the first museum in the Philippines dedicated to natural history, it also allows visitors to explore the area for free. San ka pa?

The museum has a total of six sections, five of which showcases the country’s rich flora and fauna. The displays are so picturesque (pati preserved remains ni Lolong ume-eksena), you’ll probably need to take your time to appreciate them all. We looked for the IG-worthy spaces at the National Museum of Natural History so you won’t have to.

Just make sure to observe proper museum etiquette, ha? At the end of the day, the place isn’t a photo studio but rather mimics a classroom for you to learn.

1. Facade

Do we even need to explain the beauty of the National Museum of Natural History’s facade? Parang ganda lang natin ‘yan eh, bes. Undeniable. Not only is this a huge white backdrop, the neoclassical structure boasts of giant yet elaborate Corinthian columns ala ancient Greece. Panis ‘yang aesthetics ng old IG pics mo.

2. Entrance


Yes, you can judge this place by its facade because the interiors do not disappoint. We’re not even past the entrance security but this intricate wooden door (and that natural lighting tho) is already inviting us for a picture. Kasing irresistible ni crush, besh. So when you do visit, don’t forget to strike a pose and serve that lewk.

3. Lower Courtyard

Right when you enter the museum, the massive Tree of Life will greet you, surrounded by a flight of stairs. We thought the spot is perf AF for that IG snap. We’d have to thank the glass ceiling for the patches of bright sunlight that make for an awesome impromptu spotlight. Photo shoot feels talaga, baks.

4. Hallways

At this point of the tour, it’s easy to believe that this building is a work of art itself. Shoutout to Dominic Galicia Architects and interior designer Tina Periquet. Y’all are #lodi. This picturesque hallway is located at level 2 of the former Department of Tourism (DOT) building, displaying paintings of various plant species. We’re obviously reading the description in the photo above, which is how your museum experience should be.

5. The south side of the museum

We found this area while we were looking to exit the museum. Halos maligaw na kami, bes. In contrast to the museum’s bright, all-white facade, though, this area had pretty dramatic lighting. It is almost always empty so you can take your time pretending that you’re deeply contemplating on your future. Char, as if naman. For sure, iniisip mo lang ‘yung kakainin mo after the museum tour.


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