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These days, getting a full eight hours of sleep is nearly impossible. I mean, we love sleeping, but work is life, bes. (Or sometimes it’s Netflix.) But don’t worry, fam. We gotchu. Here are five things that you can use or put in your room that will help you sleep better:

1. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Ditch your basic lamp and get a night light that will brighten up your room and can help ease allergies, improve sleep, and boost your mood. Though it looks like… just a hunk of orange rock (I mean, come on), but the lamp is also a good decor to your artsy room. Aesthetics, ’di ba ?

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils are known for its multiple health benefits and proven to help us sleep better. Some people like to use it with a diffuser. But if you want something handy, roll-on essential oil is perfect for you. Just rub it on your wrist, temples, base of the neck, or behind the ears, and you’re done. It’s like using your lola’s manzanilla oil without the strong scent.

3. Good Night Drink

We love coffee, but drinking it before bedtime is very wrong, bes. Lucky for us, there’s a drink that will help you relax and sleep well. Good Night Drink ‘n Dream is formulated with herbal extracts that can reduce stress and encourage restful sleep. It tastes like pear and looks like beer. Isipin mo na lang beer ‘yan.

4. Body Pillow

Snug-a-hug, P2,350.

The first step to achieve a good sleep is to make sure that you’re comfortable. We know you all have your favorite cuddle pillow, but buying a body pillow like Snug-A-Hug is life changing. Wala ka mang jowa, mumsh, may cuddle buddy ka naman. Fake it ’til you make it. Sapat na.

5. Mindfulness App

Calm app, free on Appstore and Play Store.

When you’re ready to go to the dream world and your not so friendly kapitbahay decides to sing “Zombie” all night long? We feel you, friend. Ka-stress! Good thing there are mindfulness apps that can help you conquer the night. Just select a type of meditation and listen to audio-guided meditations for deep sleep. Goodbye, annoying kapitbahay.


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