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There are tons of movies and TV series about mental health illness, but finding a show with an accurate representation of it is hard. Let’s be real, bes, some shows are just romanticizing these issues. Mega mema teh. Luckily, there are existing shows that are making efforts to get it right. Here are five suggestions that you can binge-watch anytime:

This Is Us

This emotional drama series has been praised for the way it handles anxiety. Remember the scene where Sterling K. Brown’s Randall had a panic attack? It’s on point. It accurately shows real symptoms, emotions, and the character’s struggles. Ilabas ang sangkaterbang tissue before watching, friends.

United States of Tara

Unlike other shows, United States of Tara does not show Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) as inherently dangerous. It doesn’t focus on how threatening a person with DID is, but it shows the journey of Tara and how her condition affects her family. We can even relate to some of her alters. Very millennial si T!

Parks and Recreation

Yup, Parks and Rec is known for its funny characters and LOL moments, but it also tackles the depression of Rob Lowe’s Chris Traeger. The way Chris emotions escalate from being happy to completely sad is so relatable. He’s always trying to hide his feelings, but just couldn’t. Don’t worry, Chris. We feel ya.

BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman follows a ‘90s TV star (BoJack) and his struggles with addiction, depression, and maintaining his celebrity status. The show is smart, honest, and hilarious all at once. Who would have thought that an animated series can portray depression accurately, ‘no? I mean, kabayo yung bida, bes.

Mr. Robot

Like United States of Tara, DID plays a vital role in this series. We don’t want to spoil you, but the most striking scene we’ve seen here is when Elliot fights his suicidal urges. Rami Malek’s portrayal of the character is so effective, that’s why it’s hard to imagine in everything else. (But you should check him out in as Freddie Mercury in the trailer of Bohemian Rhapsody.)

Header image by Madel Crudo


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