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Watching the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is like witnessing a fairy tale in real life. The prince charming, carriage procession, and the wedding kiss are all magical. We can’t get enough.

Although most of us are happy for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a lot of people can’t seem to stop themselves from nitpicking about the most trivial of things. (Best in Mema lang mga mumsh.)

Here are five petty things that we should stop complaining about:

1. Bishop Michael Curry

The unconventional sermon of American Episcopalian bishop Michael Curry is one of the most lit elements of the ceremony. It’s slightly political and calls for an end to poverty while quoting Martin Luther King Jr. Yes, this kind of rhetoric is unexpected to a royal wedding. But being open about topics like poverty and war is important. Very good ang pagiging woke, bes!

2. The bride’s messy bun

Meghan decided to break tradition by wearing a simple wedding gown with a minimalist makeup and yes, a messy bun. Royal brides have worn their hair down through the years, but so what? Stop griping about it because she looked gorgeous. Wag tayong inggitera.


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3. Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend

The Duke’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy has been the talk of the town after attending the ceremony. Netizens posted memes about her reaction at the wedding with the caption “When your ex gets married and you’re at the wedding.” We get it. It’s 9Gag levels of funny. But—we’re channeling Nadine right about now—come on guys, it’s 2018. You can be friends with your ex.

4. Meghan’s family

Meghan’s father decided not to attend the wedding and her half-sister says she’s behind the paparazzi photos of their dad. But let’s be real, friends. Every family has its own drama. It’s really none of our business.

5. Victoria Beckham

The pettiest issue award goes to Victoria Beckham’s RBF. Posh Spice got a lot of attention with her blasé reactions during the wedding. Pero hello hindi naman bago yun. Ganyan lang talaga si mumsh. She’s just trying to avoid wrinkles.


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