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The campaign period for the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) election just ended. Enough of the Iñigo Pascual-inspired campaign jingles (aminin, nairita din kayo). It’s time to vote for the youth leaders who will join the newly elected barangay council in leading our respective communities.

To help you decide on who to vote (bawal ang mema and ang “bahala na si Batman,” bes), here are some things to consider before heading to the polls.  

Don’t vote just for the looks.

We know it’s tempted to go all “Chinito Is Life” all over your ballot. And while it’s fine to have a leader with looks, but his/her leadership background is definitely more important. Don’t vote for candidates that only listed “Ms. Prom Queen 2016,” “Most Valuable Player of the League,” or “Binibining Wika 2012” as their credentials. Magiging very wrong ka diyan, bes.

Make sure that they understand the basics of the Philippine Constitution.

They don’t need to memorize all 18 articles under it (anoba let’s be real), but being knowledgeable about our basic rights is a must. (FYI, we can easily refresh our grade school lessons and read the 1987 Philippine Constitution through our mobile phones.)

Candidates should know the fundamentals of the SK Reform Law

Signed in 2016, Republic Act 10742 makes significant changes to the SK. It is the first Philippine law with an anti-political dynasty restriction and it created a Local Youth Development Council spearheaded by SK leaders. Huwag iboto ang walang alam, friends. You can read the rules and regulations implementing RA 10742 here.

Read their platforms.

Bes, enough na with the pa-liga ng barangay and beauty pageants. Gasgas na yan! Make sure that you’re voting for leaders that can organize real and useful programs for the youth sector. And when we say read their platforms, we mean study and understand them. Know how will these programs can affect you as a member of your community.

Header image by Madel Crudo


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