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Mother’s Day is coming up! Are you busy looking for a gift for your mudra? We know that it’s still petsa de peligro (AKA when it’s P25 convenience store meals or bust). We feel you, bes. But there are tons of gifts that you can buy without spending a lot. Here are five suggestions:

1. Onion goggles

Instead of buying a non-stick pan for your mama, why not give her a new kitchen gadget that can help her cut onions without tearing up? Onion goggles are real, bes! Just wear it while chopping, and voila, no more crayola sesh in the kitchen!

2. Laundry punch bag

Let’s be real, doing laundry isn’t fun. Like, at all. It’s physically exhausting and time consuming. But a laundry bag that can double as a punching bag? It’s like turning your chore into a workout! This bag is designed to hold a heavy load of clothes and tough enough to take a punch. And alam nating lahat that moms have a lot of stress to work out.

3. Eyeglass holder

If your mom misplaces her specs all the time, this is perfect for her. Put it beside her bed or on her vanity table for easy access. No more frustrated exclamations of “Nasaan ba kasi yung salamin ko?!”

4. Cleaning service

Cleaning the house every single day is, of course, exhausting. That’s why on Sunday, give your inay the rest she deserves. Treat her to a fancy restaurant and ask the Happy Helpers to do the dirty work for you.

5. Subscription box

If your mom can’t resist trying new makeup and skincare products, a Giltbox subscription will make her day. Just fill up all the necessary details—skin color, skin and hair type—and they will personalize the five products included in the box for your momma!

Header image by Madel Crudo



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