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Painter Nikki Ocean, together with Nights of Rizal by Migi de Belen and art and sci-tech journalist Czyka Tumaliuan, will stage her biggest solo exhibition entitled Rogue Wave at Finale Art File in Makati City on May 8.

Exhibiting a total of 22 works, Ocean is eager to design a one of a kind experience for her guests by collaborating with two other creatives.

“When I create a show, I consider the space as a medium too. Sure, you can look at my paintings (which are physically flat) through photos on a screen, but it’s different when you’re navigating the actual space. Why do we listen to live music? Why do we watch an actual sunset or walk through forests? That energy can’t be replicated,” the 28-year-old artist said.

Migi de Belen a.k.a. Nights of Rizal will be performing an original piece based on his understanding of Nikki’s intention for the show into music at the center of an installation of a raft surrounded with broken CDs from Ocean’s closet.

“I’m definitely playing around with different waveforms, and different ways of oscillating waveforms. However I think the essence of my music for the show will be less about the individual waves and oscillations themselves but more about how they intersect—willingly or accidentally—which I believe is what Rogue Wave is all about,” de Belen explained.

According to journalist Czyka Tumaliuan, the audience is encouraged to write the exhibition notes on their own.

“The exhibition is too relevant for the audience to just drink their way through the show and just rely on me to explain it. So I made an empty exhibition note with cryptic footnotes to a yet-to-be-written content. This can either mess your mind, or make you genuinely curious,” she said.

Rogue Wave opens on May 4 until May 28, with an artist talk on May 19, at the Finale Art File, Warehouse 17, La Fuerza Compound, 2241 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City. Admission is free. Follow the event page for more details. 


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