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The digital age has influence millennials when it comes to traveling. Seat sales, ticket discounts, and other budget travel hacks are all around the internet. From going to local destinations to exploring different countries around the world, social media inspires millennial travelers to experience first hand what they see.

Cruising, on the other hand, is known as a “luxurious” type of traveling. Some people, especially our generation, believe that cruises are only suitable for formal holidays and for wealthy travelers. That’s why cruising companies, including Genting Cruise Lines, aims to encourage the millennial generation to know that cruising can also give them an unforgettable travel experience.

From sumptuous food offerings to party at the sea, here are some reasons that will make you book your cruise trip pronto:

1. Food! Food! Food! 

When traveling, whether it’s a local or international destination, food is one thing to consider. And when riding cruise ships, you don’t need to worry about it because onboard restaurants are there to save you.

During the Genting Cruise Lines Travel Partners Tribute last March, we got to experience different dining options at the World Dream Cruise in Hong Kong. There’s the Silk Road restaurant that specializes Chinese cuisine, Japanese restaurant Umi Uma, and the Seafood Grill where you can enjoy an expertly prepared catch prepared either Asian or Western style.

World Dream also have the Johnnie Walker House where you can try the world’s finest whiskies, specially blended to match your taste. If you’re not into whiskies, you can have a champagne party at the Bubbles Champagne Bar.

2. Instagram worthy

Like any other tourist spots, cruises are also Instagram worthy. Like any other big cruise ships, World Dream has its very own pool decks where you can have a mini OOTD photoshoots. Strike a pose with the ocean and its waves as your backdrop. How cool is that?

3. Various activities

Aside from visiting different countries, most cruise vacations involve activities for travelers of every age, from kids to adults. Whether you’re with your family, friends, or special someone, there are activities perfect for you.

If you’re with the fam, you can have a relaxing night at World Dream’s Crystal Life Spa. They are offering a wide array of traditional and progressive Western spa treatments. You can choose from Swedish, hot stone, aroma touch, Himalaya salt stone massage to scrubs and warm wraps.

For the kids and teens, there’s the ESC Experience Lab, where you can experience the thrill of Virtual Reality in the ship’s state of the art VR experience.

Swimming pools and zipline area are also available if you’re up for some outdoor activities.

4. The ocean view

One of the most exciting things about cruise vacations is that you can get to enjoy a breathtaking ocean view. Just imagine waking up and seeing the ocean view right at your balcony. There’s no other experience like it.

5. All of these in one price

Yes, we know you’re still thinking that booking a cruise trip is expensive. But if you analyze it, all of these for less than 300 USD (P15,000++ EST)? It’s worth the money.

World Dream also have their “Cruise on your Birthday” promo where you can book 2-night cruise from Hong Kong for only 500 (P26,000++ EST) USD for two! The promo includes free birthday package with cake, cabin decors and shopping voucher onboard, with free cruise-long WiFi.

Photos by Ankrizel Santos; Featured image from Dream Cruises | Instagram

Aside from being a full time content producer for MB Life, Ankri also loves traveling spontaneously. Oh, and she’s now looking forward to her next cruise trip. 😉


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