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Millennials who grew up in a family known for their expertise in a specific field usually feel obliged to continue the legacy. Just like Fa Mulan in the Disney movie Mulan, who fought in the army to save her family’s pride.

A lot of things may have changed in this Age of Millennials since the days of Mulan. But when it comes to family matters, we recently asked a scion of a prominent family known for public service on what he does to deal with people’s expectations.

His answer? “Be truthful.”

On Wednesday (February 24, 2016), MB Life had the chance to conduct a short interview with senatorial candidate Roman Romulo, grand-nephew of former President of the UN General Assembly Carlos P. Romulo (CPR) and son of former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alberto Romulo, before taking on the MB Hot Seat at the Manila Bulletin.

Roman Romulo ft

“Makikita ko naman kung sincere yung sinasabi mo o hindi eh. Lalo na sa millennials, alam naman nila yung fake o hindi,” explained the senatorial aspirant on how he copes with people judging him based on his family tree.

He explained that people won’t expect something that is not in your character if you started out being true to your words, deeds, or actions. “Even though there are people wanting a lot from you, staying true to yourself seem to be the utmost move. After all, every person excels in their own way. It doesn’t matter who you’re related to or whose names yours are linked to,” Romulo said.

He further explained: “Everyone will give you promises…and these promises are not new… The best proof is what you have [accomplished].“

Romulo said he never felt pressured by his name being related to a statesman. For him, it became an inspiration to push forward and make a name of his own. Another thing we got from him: It’s all about mindset.

Here are more life pointers from the 48-year-old congressman:

Have fun

According to Romulo, it’s a good goal to live your whole life with fun (Yes, we agree to that!).

“I think that should be the objective of everyone. ‘Di naman pwedeng masyadong seryoso talaga. You should have fun; you should explore the Philippines; you should explore your interests. But in order for us to do this, we also must be able to provide for ourselves. That’s why we must also prepare for that side. Para tuloy-tuloy yung fun. That’s the way to sustain it,” he explains.

Give importance to education

You have to study. You have to prepare. Di pwedeng puro salita lang,” he reminded.

Ang [paalaala] lang nila (CPR and Alberto Romulo) palagi–‘to study, to study, to finish, to get degrees.’ Parang yun lang ang inii-stress, which I think every Filipino family has the same hope for their own children,” shared the lawyer-cum-public servant-cum-humanitarian. Romulo said he was inspired by the words of his family regarding education.

Inspiration can come from your family

Being part of a bloodline of prominent people, he said he never felt pressured being related with CPR.

He was brought up normally with no special treatment accorded to him–but he did look up to his dad whom he saw was very dedicated to work and study. Romulo also recounted that it was through his dad’s work that he saw the importance of studying.

Thus, while the grown-ups were talking about politics and public service, Romulo decided that he wants to take the same path.

Being a politician is actually something good because you can be of service to people. Mayroon kang magagawang tama. Kung gusto mo, you can help a lot of people,” he said.

For the young bloods, here’s what he has to say:

To sum everything up: Just be true to yourself and to others. You can build your own name through your own works at your own time. It’s a matter of perspective whether you’ll let expectations make or break your future. In the end, it’s you who will dictate the direction of your life.

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