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(Photo from Garrett Gee's Instagram page)
The Gee family (Photo from Garrett Gee’s Instagram page)

“Work hard in your 20s, build in your 30s, and chill in your 40s”, says the common travel quote we see on social media which is usually accompanied by an image of people chilling on a hammock and enjoying the breeze on the beach.

The case is different for Filipino-American Garrett Gee who did all three at the age of 26.

According to a report from Balitang AmericaGee is currently traveling the world with his family after scoring a $54 million deal with Snapchat for his mobile app called Scan. Snapchat bought his code-scanning app which can automatically detect bar codes, NFC tags, and QR codes.

With millions of cash, not only is he traveling the world with the “Bucket List Family” but is also on a philanthropic mission. They are trying to lend a hand to the less fortunate in every area they can. The family is composed of Garrett, his wife named Jessica, and two children, Dorothy and Manilla (Yes, similar to Manila of the Philippines).

“Bucket List Family” is a YouTube channel featuring snippets from the Gee family’s trips. Their travel photos are also up on their Instagram page under the same name.

In their projects to help the less fortunate, Gee told reporter Jared Bray that they look for “some anonymous way to help another family in need or anonymously give back to others.”

After going to countries such as Tahiti, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore, Gee wants to visit the Philippines with his siblings soon to take a look at where their ancestors and parents came from.

Gee, what an inspiring story! #LifeGoals

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